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                Core idea: Let those who want to work have opportunities, and let those who can work have a stage. Only talent is used, true talent must be used.

                Corporate vision
                Adhere to the principle of comprehensive evaluation and having both ability and political integrity.
                Our Mission
                In the selection of talents, we do not look at the qualifications or the level of the diplomas. No matter what status, education, or age, as long as they do well, do better than others, and have outstanding performance, we will boldly use them and entrust them. Important task. Change "Bo Le Xiangma" to "Horse selection", whoever does a good job, we will reuse it as a talent; otherwise, we will only be eliminated. Our adherence to the "effect theory" employment mechanism has enabled a large number of talents with both ability and political integrity to stand out and become an important force in the development of the enterprise.
                Core values of the company
                In terms of employment, we are suitable for each person, and the quantity is only applicable. As long as they can exert their talents to the greatest extent in the right positions, they are useful talents. We will arrange each employee to a relatively suitable position according to their level, expertise, experience, personality, etc., so that we can do our best to promote the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the company.
                • support hotline 0757-87336633

                  address :廣東省佛山市三水中心科技工業區C區25號

                  mail :hlm@hltpress.com